MGMT 44301

Management Of Human Resources
Brian Chupp - Online - Summer 2020

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About the Course
The course is taught from the perspective of the general manager, rather than an HRM specialist. It focuses on the application and effects of HRM, and how the HR System can increase the effectiveness of the firm. Topics focusing on the nature of managerial work, recruiting, selection, performance measurement and feedback, compensation, employee benefits, and others are designed to help students understand how their own careers will be affected by each of these systems, and the roles they must play as managers responsible for executing each of these systems.
Course Goals/Learning Objectives

The object of this course is to introduce you to modern Human Resource Management (HRM) policies and practices. As such, we are interested in how HRM should be used to create and implement competitive advantages in various types of organizations, and how and to what degree Human Resources will increase the effectiveness of those firms. Based on the best available theory, empirical research, and organizational practice we will work to develop a sound understanding of the capabilities (and limits) of leading edge Human Resource Management.

Sample Assignment

Discussion Board Post:

Create a unified, thoughtful, but brief reflection that incorporates your responses to the questions above.  Your reflection should be a cohesive, thoughtful response that contains evidence to support your statement.  Be sure to cite your evidence, which may include textbooks, articles, personal experience, classroom discussions, news reports, etc.

 1.  How can organizations reduce the negative impact on current employees when the company decides to focus on external recruitment to fill  positions?

2.  Your company has just undergone a great deal of growth and used a variety of recruitment methods to identify new talent to hire.  What metrics would you use to decide which recruitment methods were the most successful?

3.  Describe how a company can ensure there is a good person-job fit when hiring a new employee?

MGMT 44301

Course Catalog
MGMT 44301 Management Of Human Resources

Credit Hours: 3.00. Survey of theory and techniques used in human resource management within organizations. Emphasis is placed on legal concerns, human resource staffing and development, reward systems, and the role of unions in American society. Techniques studied include job analysis, the use of various recruitment and selection procedures, compensation, administration, and collective bargaining. No credit for students in the School of Management. Typically offered Fall Spring.
3.000 Credit hours
Levels: Graduate, Professional, Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Distance Learning, Lecture
Offered By: School of Management
Department: School of Mgmt Adm & Instr
Course Attributes
Upper Division
May be offered at any of the following campuses: West Lafayette
Learning Objectives
1. Students will learn about human resource management including legal concerns, human resource staffing, development, rewards systems, and the role of unions through study of job analysis, recruitment and selection procedures, compensation, administration, and collective bargaining.
Other Information
Restrictions: May not be enrolled in one of the following Majors: Accounting Advanced Accountancy Finance IM/Analytical Consulting IM/Computer Science IM/Economics IM/Economics Honors IM/Engineering IM/Financial Engineering IM/Interdisciplinary IM/Mgmt Info Systems IM/Manufacturing Mgmt IM/Manufac & Svc Operations IM/Operations Management IM/Quantitative Methods IM/Science IM/Sci, Tech, Engr & Math Industrial Management Marketing IM/Oper & Supply Chain Mgmt Pre Economics Pre-Finance Pre Mgmt/Accounting Pre Mgmt/Indust Management Pre-Marketing Pre Mgmt/Management Pre-Supply Chain Info/Analytic Pre Strategy & Organiz Mgmt Supply Chain Info & Analytics Strategy & Organiz Mgmt
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